How to Cope With OCD and Sexual Dysfunction

If you have OCD, you know it may be tricky to establish and maintain a romantic relationship. A significant barrier for most people with OCD engaging in a intimate relationship is problems associated with sexual performance.

The Link Between OCD and Sexual Dysfunction

For a lot of folks, among the major ingredients needed for a healthy romantic relationship is a lively sexual life. Although sexual issues are rather common, study indicates that individuals with OCD report higher than ordinary levels of difficulties with sexual performance.

Regrettably, It’s not uncommon for Individuals with OCD to encounter:

  • Trouble becoming sexually aroused
  • A low sex drive
  • Dissatisfaction with their sexual partner
  • A anxiety about getting sexual intercourse
  • High levels of disgust when considering sexual pursuits. Feelings of disgust might be especially severe in the event you encounter obsessions linked to contamination (e.g., germs included within bodily secretions), sexual abuse (e.g., rape, molestation) or faith (e.g., sinful of illegal sexual behaviour ).

Although sexual problems in people with OCD and other stress disorders have frequently been chalked around side-effects of serotonin reuptake inhibitors (that are generally known to have sexual side effects), study indicates that these issues run deeper than a straightforward issue with drugs and probably reflect bigger problems with social functioning, self-esteem and/or particular obsessions associated with gender.

Girls with 威而鋼藥效 might be especially affected by difficulties with sexual performance. Compared to guys with OCD, girls with OCD tend to be more sexually avoidant and might have greater trouble reaching orgasm.

Tips to Cope With Sexual Dysfunction If You Have OCD

Manage your own symptoms. The very first step towards bettering your sexual life is to become appropriate treatment which will make it possible for you to better handle your symptoms; particularly if you’re going through obsessions associated with pollution or sexual assault. Though not all remedies work for everybody, you will find an assortment of pharmaceutical and psychotherapeutic choices which could offer relief of your symptoms. If you’re currently getting therapy but nevertheless experiencing sexual problems, it could be time for you to talk about different choices.

Treatment Options for OCD

Tell your therapy supplier. As awkward as it might be, even if you’re having sexual problems, it may frequently be very beneficial to notify a treatment provider like a physician, psychologist or nurse whom you anticipate. Some sexual problems may be brought on by underlying health issues or by drugs, and it’s necessary that those be ruled out before looking for OCD-specific therapy choices.

Get your partner involved. If you’re at present engaged in a sexual relationship, then it could be handy to engage your spouse in therapy. The more your spouse understands your symptoms, the further you are going to have the ability to trust one another. Not being conscious of the challenges you’re facing could cause misunderstandings (such as”he/she doesn’t find me attractive anymore”) that get in the means of building familiarity and confidence – the cornerstone of any healthy sexual relationship.

Join a support team. Community support classes for OCD may be excellent sources of social aid and give an chance to hear how others are coping with feelings of isolation or humiliation brought on by sexual problems.

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